Russ Parsons: The California Cook

You say chilaquiles, I say migas. Either way, it's a tradition

Breakfast cooking: He calls them migas, his daughter thinks they're chilaquiles. Either way, this egg dish is good year-round.

Despite its looks, don't chintz on the quince

The California Cook: With quince, appearances can be deceiving. With a little attention, the fall fruit can add its sweet, spicy flavor to many dishes.

The California Cook: Dungeness crab purist gives grilling it a go

A Dungeness crab purist gives grilling it a go after tasting grilled Dungeness crab at Russell Moore's Camino restaurant in Oakland.

The California Cook: Zucchini is a versatile star of summer

Zucchini can be used in a variety of tasty summertime dishes. Here are some quick ideas.

California Cook: Finally — it's bean season

With fall in the air, at least one chef's thoughts turn to a warm and satisfying meal of this low-fat, high-fiber food. And he's got a soaking tip too.

The California Cook: Seasonal vegetable stew is easy, delicious

The simplest, seasonal ingredients create a heavenly stew.

The California Cook: An author's instructive fishing expedition

In 'Four Fish,' Paul Greenberg examines the creatures as food source and part of the ecosystem.

Suggestions for the cook on your Christmas list

New Mexico's green chile, the real deal