July at the farmers market

  • It's fig season in California

    It's fig season in California

    One of the nicest surprises to come out of farmers markets in the last decade has been the explosion in availability of summer's fresh figs.

  • Peak season: Mixed berries

    Peak season: Mixed berries

    Mixed berries: We take blueberries and raspberries almost for granted these days. They're so common, we use them to garnish our breakfast cereal. But just taste the glorious berries at Pudwill Farm. They've got orange and golden raspberries and the red variety Tulameen, which has a rich flavor...

  • Peak season: Wild strawberries

    Peak season: Wild strawberries

    Wild strawberries: Talk about ugly! Wild strawberries are tiny -- scrawny even. Their colors can be so faded they look as if someone left them out in the sun for an afternoon. And don't even think about bouncing them around in your bag -- you'll end up with jam. In short, wild strawberries (or...

  • Peak season: Bermuda onions

    Peak season: Bermuda onions

    Bermuda onions: Spring is the time for fresh sweet onions. But while most of them are, in fact, kind of bland, these little Bermudas from Weiser Farms have terrific flavor. It's a varietal issue: Most of the so-called sweet onions you see -- labeled Maui, Vidalia, Imperial Valley or wherever --...

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