Swizzle sticks with a personal touch

Having a party and need swizzle sticks? Why not design your own? You can order 50 custom-imprinted swizzles from small companies on the Web for about $25. If you want to order from the company founded by Jay Sindler, it has a catalog of designs — palm trees and all. But you'll need a large guest list (or people who drink a lot), because the minimum order is 5,000 for a custom swizzle, though standard swizzles can be had for a minimum order of $125. Contact the company for over-runs or advice. It now makes eco-friendly swizzle sticks in hard paper and degradable plastics. http://www.brandedstirs.com

For even more on swizzle sticks, check out collectors' clubs such as the International Swizzle Stick Collectors Assn. There are thousands of collectors and amazing collections worldwide. http://www.swizzlesticks-issca.comhttp://www.swizzlesticks-issca.com

— Stephen Vissakay

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