The most expensive cocktail at the world's best bar Is a $6,500 Sazerac

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If you're looking to get a fine cocktail in very swanky surroundings in London, and if money is no object, then you absolutely need to visit the American Bar, located in the legendary Savoy Hotel. Open since 1893 and still possessing an Art Deco-inspired design from a 1920s-era renovation, the bar earned its name not due to any affinity for America but as a nod to the newfangled style of mixed drinks they were serving: "American"-style drinks, which we would now know simply as cocktails.

Browse the expansive cocktail menu at the American Bar today and you'll find that most of their drinks average anywhere from £18 ($23.63) to £25 ($32.82) - wildly expensive by anyone's standards, but still worth it due to the high quality of ingredients, the skill involved in making them, and the fact that you're drinking them at the recently-crowned best bar on earth (we also named it the world's best bar last year). But if you continue leafing through the menu, you'll get to a section titled "Vintage Cocktails," and that's where things get really pricey.

The American Bar has a vast collection of vintage spirits, some dating back to its earliest days, and they'll be more than happy to use those in your cocktail if you're willing to shell out for it. A Negroni made with vintage gin, vintage sweet vermouth, and vintage Campari sells for £150 ($196.92), and a couple of the vintage offerings are ominously "market price." But the final item on the menu is a Sazerac made with vintage Peychaud's bitters, Pernod absinthe dating from the 1950s, and a bottle of Sazerac de Forge et Fils cognac dating from 1858 (Sazeracs switched over to being made with rye in the late 1800s). The price? £5,000, or $6,564.

It's one of the world's most expensive cocktails, but when a nearly 160-year-old bottle of cognac is involved, the price is more understandable. For more ridiculously expensive foods and drinks, click here.

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