Editor's picks: Cloned beef on the menu

Cloned beef on the menu: The FDA is set to clear the way for cloned animals to make their way into the food supply. Women with infretility problems experience less breast cancer. Stroke risk is declining among Americans. Living closer to a main road may be a hazard to your health. A fat belly is equal to a higher risk of heart disease.


FDA Opens Way for Food From Cloned Animals (Baltimore Sun)

The Food and Drug Administration is expected to announce Thursday that meat, milk and other food made from cloned animals is safe and that sales could begin within months.


Ovulation disorders linked to lower breast cancer risk (Reuters)

The occurrence of breast cancer is lower among women who have had infertility problems because of an ovulation disorder than among women who have not had difficulty conceiving, according to findings from a study involving more than 116,000 women.


Study finds stroke risk declining (Bloomberg News via Newsday)

Americans, taking better care of themselves, are less likely to have a stroke than they were 50 years ago, a study says.


Living near a main road could make you wheeze (The Cape Times via Independent Online)

The closer people live to a main road, the more likely they are to suffer from respiratory symptoms such as breathlessness and wheezing, a new study from Switzerland shows.


Big bellies tied to greater heart disease risk (Reuters via stuff.co.nz)

The more your belly sticks out, the greater your risk of developing heart disease, a new study shows.


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