Video appears to catch Hemet parents in a brawl at high school

An online video appears to show a group of parents engaged in all-out brawl outside a Hemet high school on Wednesday — throwing punches, pulling hair and kicking one another.

The clip, which has gone viral, shows a handful of people, mostly women, in a parking lot of what was identified as Tahquitz High School, attacking each other, some on the ground, some barefoot.

Hemet Police Department told KCBS-TV that police were not aware of the fight until Friday night and that no arrests had been made.

Other parents told the station they were shocked and upset by the behavior.

One parent, Amber Pifundi, told KCBS that parents shouldn’t be fighting at school, in front of children. “It’s just not an example you want to set,” she said.

The station reported that a few parents seen in the clip live in the same apartment complex and that their issues arose there and carried over to the campus.

“It’s a bunch of girls fighting over ... boys,” a neighbor said.

A school district representative told KCBS that school leaders were saddened that the brawl overshadowed the last day of school.



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