Undercover officers seize synthetic heroin worth nearly $7 million outside Fresno

Undercover officers in Central California made a drug bust valued at nearly $7 million on the streets, seizing just a few pounds of a synthetic heroin.

Fresno County sheriff's spokesman Tony Botti said Friday that officers seized 4.4 pounds of the drug. They arrested a man who they said was delivering the contraband from Los Angeles.

According to Botti, officers made a traffic stop on Highway 99 just outside Fresno. They found two packages stashed in a secret compartment containing a mixture that included fentanyl.

Investigators said that a small, concentrated amount of the drug can be cut 100 times, giving the cache a street value of $6.8 million.

Officers handling the seizure wore hazardous-material suits, Botti said, because the potent drugs can be fatal if inhaled or touched.

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