Chihuahua tried to bite CHP officer who rescued it from highway

A skittish 2-year-old Chihuahua tried to bite the CHP officer who rescued it from the divider of a busy Northern California highway, the officer said Monday.

CHP Officer Alex Edmon and his partner were surprised to find the Chihuahua curled atop the concrete divider on Interstate 680 in Walnut Creek when they arrived about 6 p.m. Friday after receiving reports of a stranded dog.


"You wouldn't think that's possible," Edmon said in an interview Monday.

The female Chihuahua was not the first dog Edmon has encountered along the busy highway. The CHP's Contra Costa station receives similar calls weekly, but the dogs usually run away, he said.

Dogs either escape from a vehicle, are abandoned on the highway or stumble onto the road from an onramp.

"It can be very dangerous," Edmon said.

Road conditions were particularly dangerous for the Chihuahua, who appeared to be frightened by the loud and busy highway, he said.

Edmon attempted to lure the dog with a fruit and nut mix, but it only sniffed the mix and looked away. He tried to pet and pick up the Chihuahua, but it tried to bite him.

Fearing the Chihuahua would run onto the highway, Edmon pulled back and tried to keep it calm until animal control officers arrived and retrieved it.

Edmon's partner happened to take pictures of him and the dog, and the photographs soon went viral.

Though he has not had a chance to visit the Chihuahua since the rescue, Edmon said he was grateful to hear that families were interested in adopting it.

Edmon said his wife asked if they could adopt the dog, but he said it would not happen. The couple already has two 100-pound dogs, which he said would overwhelm the small pooch.