Cold Weather

The National Weather Service forecast warns of freezing temperatures ahead for Southern California. (National Weather Service / December 5, 2013)

Bad news for Southern Californians who thought Wednesday night’s cold was horrible.

It’s only going to get worse.

Believe it or not, Mother Nature gave the region a gift overnight Wednesday with a light blanket of clouds and some light wind to circulate the cold air on the ground and warm air above, but Angelenos will have no such luck on Friday, according to weather forecasters.

Thursday morning it was 32 degrees in Woodland Hills, 31 in Palmdale and Lockwood Valley in Ventura County was down to 4.

But the temperatures will sink even lower Friday morning, said National Weather Service meteorologist Dave Bruno.

Thursday should be the coldest night this week, he said. A small rain system is expected to warm up the area and produce lights showers across the region Saturday before another drop in temperatures on Sunday.


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