Garcetti's F-bomb draws cheers, respect from Kings fans

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti's dropping of the "F-bomb" during the Kings victory celebration might have raised some eyebrows. But many Kings' fans cheered the mayor's words.

"They say there are two rules in politics," Garcetti said. "Never, ever be pictured with a drink in your hand and never swear. But this is a big ... day."


Getting into his car outside Staples Center after a long day of celebrating the Kings, Dave Sanchez, 44, of Santa Clarita, said he thought Garcetti's speech was hilarious. He was at the rally and showed off text messages on his iphone that he got from a friend who was also there.

"I just became a Garcetti fan!" the friend messaged after the mayor spoke.

"Right!!!" Sanchez, an LADWP worker, responded via text.

The crowd loved the speech, he said.

"It's Kings fans. It's a physical sport. As fans we're not going to make the mayor mind his Ps and Qs. If he wants to throw an F-bomb in there, who cares?"

At the L.A. Live's movie theater, Jason Werntz, 45, of Burbank, said: " It makes me have much more respect for him. Hey, we've won the Cup and he had a beer in his hand and it was planned."

Jeff Ottinger, 45, of Lake Forest, said he too liked the speech.

"It's great for Los Angeles because it gets the monicker that were kind of snobby and stuck up," he said. "I think a lot of times politicians are uppity and stuffy and for him to actually be a fan is cool."

The Los Angeles Times doesn't print the word, which is not family-friendly, but a video of the mayor's utterance can be seen -- and heard -- on Vine. His full comments can be seen on YouTube.