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Girl who couldn't afford prom dress made one out of soda can tabs

Times City Beat writer Nita Lelyveld on Sunday told the story of Brie Fainblit, a Palmdale teen who is turning heads with her prom dress.

The dress is not from a fancy designer. She could never afford that. So she made it herself, using soda can tabs.

Lelyveld writes:

She wants to be Highland High's prom queen. She wants to turn heads.

Brie lives with her mother, who is disabled, and her aunt, who works two part-time jobs to support them.

Often there is not enough money for food. There is never enough for new clothes. Usually Brie finds what she can at the local Goodwill, but the prom dresses there are too big and too froufrou.

So back in September, with the dance a distant dot on a calendar, she decided to make one of her own — out of soda can tabs, for free.

Prom is Friday. The dress is not finished. The tabs, meanwhile, have taken their toll: Brie and her mother both have Band-Aid fingers.

The girl who made a prom dress out of soda can tabs!! STILL love this --> @LATimescitybeat

— Shelby Grad (@shelbygrad) April 7, 2014

Read the full story here.


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