@HiddenCash makes first L.A. drop, promises more money over 5 days

An anonymous donor who's created a frenzy on Twitter by leaving hidden envelopes full of cash across the Bay Area has come to Los Angeles, where he says he plans a five-day scavenger hunt.

The mystery benefactor, who has described himself as a wealthy 35-to-45-year-old real estate developer, made his first drop at the historical memorial fountain in Griffith Park late Wednesday night. Within an hour of announcing it via his Twitter account @HiddenCash, the spot was swarmed by people armed with flashlights. One tweeted that he found the envelope filled with about $250.

The mystery donor has announced another drop, planned for Thursday afternoon, hinting on Twitter about the possibly of giving away $1,000.

The chaotic searching at Griffith Park ended with a report of minor damage to landscaping caused by people trampling around in search of the envelope.


In an interview with The Times, the donor said he wanted his scavenger hunts to be festive but calm.

"I hope there is not a lot of hysteria," he said.

The scavenger hunt started Friday in the Bay Area, where the donor hid numerous envelopes filled with cash and then tweeted clues about their whereabouts. His tweets have gone viral, with followers documenting their attempts to find the hidden cash.

The donor told The Times he had recently closed a real estate deal that left him with a six-figure profit, so he decided to "give back" and do something fun with the money.

"I love to give back," he said. "I would love to have more join me to give back more."

The donor, who says he also gives to charity, does not plan to stop his scavenger hunts any time soon.

Seeing his followers filled with joy after finding the hidden envelopes, he said, is a "wonderful feeling."