BB gun vandalism spree in Long Beach; at least 2 dozen sites hit

Long Beach police are looking for whoever shot the windows of more than two dozen cars, homes and businesses with a BB gun.

Investigators expect even more people to step forward to report vandalism to their property in the coming days, said Sgt. Megan Zabel.


The only description police have of the vandals so far is of their vehicle – a four-door black or blue Honda Civic with a spoiler and chrome tail pipes.

"I'm sure we'll find something because there's so many locations that were hit," Zabel said.

Investigators are retracing the vandalism spree to search for security cameras.

Police don't have a monetary value to the damage but said the crime is about more than money.

"A lot of people here in Long Beach can't go to work this morning because they have to take their cars to the repair shop or replace store windows," Zabel said. "The totality of the damage that's been done here is very significant, and it's not OK."

Police have dedicated two officers exclusively to the case, Zabel said.

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