Naked man arrested in graffiti incident at San Diego State

Naked man taken to mental health facility after scribbling graffiti at San Diego State University

A 53-year-old man was taken to a mental health facility after being found running naked, eating toothpaste and scribbling graffiti inside a classroom building at San Diego State University, campus police said.

The man had called 911 to report his activities, police said. While most of the graffiti was indecipherable, one marking appeared to be a Star of David, said Capt. Josh Mays.

When taken into custody, the man said he was "fighting for a cause" and also that he wanted to see a doctor about his medications, Mays said.

The incident, which occurred Sunday, is not considered a hate crime and no criminal charges are pending, Mays said. The man, who lives in Santee and has no connection to the university, was taken to mental health facility run by the county health department.

The graffiti was scrawled in five classrooms.

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