Reader photo: Double sunset

For whatever reasons---the ocean, the smog, the latitude, whatever---Los Angeles has some gorgeous sunsets. We see it constantly in our Flickr and Instagram feeds; sunset photos taken from the beach, the mountains, the rooftops, you name it. We understand: we love the sunsets, also.

When shot with a slightly shifted perspective and a take all its own, photos of sunsets can be compelling, too. Photographer Ric Berryman contributed this photo of the first sunset of 2014 and double-framed it: not only does the sunset fill the entire space of the photo, but it forces the perspective onto the phone of this photographer he noticed. A grabbing take on a familiar (but nonetheless spectactular) scene.

Berryman took this photo with a Nikon D600, using a 70-200mm lens, at the Griffith Park Observatory.

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