Bubba, sea lion struck by harpoon-like blade, dies at SeaWorld San Diego

Bubba the sea lion dies during emergency exam at SeaWorld San Diego

A male sea lion brought to SeaWorld San Diego after being impaled with a harpoon-like blade has died, park officials said Thursday.

The animal was brought to SeaWorld for emergency care on May 26 after being found on a dock in the Channel Islands Harbor in Oxnard with a harpoon-like blade impaled in his side.

Dubbed Bubba by veterinarians, the sea lion was given antibiotics for several days but refused to eat when fish were offered.

On Wednesday, the sea lion was sedated to allow for an in-depth examination. During the exam, he went into cardiac arrest and could not be revived, park officials said.

A necropsy indicated a "significant" infection and other problems.

"The park's veterinarians and animal care team had high hopes for Bubba's recovery, and his death saddens all of us," said SeaWorld spokeswoman Jennicca Taylor.

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