Dramatic video shows deadly Chatsworth street racing crash

Video of a Chatsworth street racing crash this week shows a Ford Mustang speeding out of control just after the start of the race and veering into spectators as sparks fly.

The incident was fatal for two spectators. About 100 people gathered Thursday night in Gardena for a vigil in their memory.


The video from the race, obtained by ABC7, shows it was only seconds after the two cars took off on Plummer Street near Canoga Avenue that the driver of the gray Mustang lost control and the vehicle veered right into spectators before slamming into the curb and jumping onto the sidewalk.

The crash killed Eric Siguenza, 26, and a second man who has not been publicly identified.  A third spectator, who was seriously injured, was identified as Luis Antonio Gonzalez, 21.

The collision occurred after 2 a.m. in an area known for street racing. LAPD Det. Bill Bustos said two vehicles were engaged in the "pre-planned street race."

Police identified the driver of the Mustang as Henry Michael Gevorgyan. Authorities are now searching for the 21-year-old and said they would seek murder charges against him.

"Please turn yourself in; it's just a matter of time before we get you," Bustos said at a news conference early Thursday evening. "The community knows who you are."

More than 60 people gathered to watch the race, authorities said.

Bustos said, however, that investigators had little to work with when it came to the second car or its driver.

The detectives said that although some of those who gathered for the race remained on the scene to assist the injured, everyone was gone by the time police arrived. He said officers were searching for witnesses.

The Mustang was traveling westbound when the driver lost control and the car swerved to a northwesterly direction, striking the pedestrians on the sidewalk. It hit the curb and spun 180 degrees after hitting a berm and a utility pole before coming to rest on the sidewalk.

"It's an isolated area, it's a commercial area, it's not residential," Bustos said. "We've had a problem here."

"We aggressively try to control illegal street racing because it puts in danger everyone in the community."

At the nearby Chatsworth Business Park, which houses several Los Angeles County offices, Jenny Tutunjian and Maria Aguirre, county employees, stood on a berm next to police tape and shook their heads.

"I always see doughnuts all over the street," Tutunjian said, referring to the skid marks.

"Every morning, you see them every morning. It's even worse after the weekends," Aguirre said.


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