The wing walker

A longtime airline employee, Peter Buschmann attended the Los Angeles County Air Show in Lancaster over the weekend to see the U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds in flight. But he -- and the Air Force members -- got caught up in a very different act.

With pilot Gene Soucy at the controls of a red and yellow biplane, Teresa Stokes balanced herself on the wing as "they were flying all kinds of crazy loops," Buschmann said. "There was so much respect from everyone around for what they did."

"A little fun fact: the FAA requires passengers to be in a seat for takeoff and landing, so (Stokes) has to climb in and out in midair," he said. "At one point she was also standing on her hands on the wing."

In the foreground, the photo includes a parked F18 Super Hornet, "a great contrast to power and art," Buschmann said.

Buschmann used a Canon 5D Mark III to make the image.

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