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26 people treated after Army's accidental anthrax shipments

At least 26 people are being treated for potential exposure to deadly anthrax after an Army bio-defense facility in Utah mistakenly sent live samples to private and military laboratories in as many as nine states, including California, and South Korea, officials said Thursday.

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Gunfire from U.S., a death in Mexico. Can grieving family sue in U.S.?

The family of a Mexican boy shot to death by a U.S. Border Patrol agent tried an argument in federal court on Tuesday previously made by an Abu Ghraib detainee and the family of another Mexican teenager killed along the border: The U.S. Constitution protects foreigners on foreign soil. 

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Former House Speaker J. Dennis Hastert faces charges

Federal prosecutors announced bank-related charges against former House Speaker J. Dennis Hastert on Thursday, accusing the 73-year-old Illinois Republican of withdrawing $952,000 in cash in a way that evaded the requirement that banks report cash transactions over $10,000.


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Democrats to Homeland Security: Free migrant families from 'jail-like' sites