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Fierce exchanges mark Republican debate, with Rubio and Trump targets

The target on Marco Rubio’s back grew larger Saturday, as rivals candidates, starting with Chris Christie, sought to turn the Florida senator’s polish into a liability in a critical debate on the eve of New Hampshire’s leadoff presidential primary. Meanwhile, Jeb Bush sought anew to take on Donald...

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Energy and Environment in the West

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In North Dakota, an oil boomtown doesn't want to go bust

People loved to leave this town. Kids grew up and got out. Take me to Minot, they would say. To Fargo or Bismarck. Anywhere but this emptiness. Then the boom began and the world came to them. Young men arrived by the thousands seeking their fortunes in the Bakken formation, an abundant source of...


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The real question in the Clinton-Sanders debate? How much change do Democrats want?

Another night, another quarrel. Democrats may as well get used to it, as Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders wage an increasingly pitched fight for the party's presidential nomination. Clashing one-on-one for the first time, in a Thursday night debate a day after a New Hampshire town hall, the more...