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Skepticism greets start of grand jury case in Michael Brown's death

The news that a grand jury began hearing evidence Wednesday in the case of a white policeman who shot dead an unarmed black 18-year-old did little to placate skeptics, who say the rules in place to empower the jurors will undermine justice for the victim.


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Ferguson protests lure many from across the U.S.

Illai Kenney, a telecommunications student in Washington, found herself mesmerized by the constant stream of images flooding into her Twitter feed of protests underway in the small town of Ferguson, half a continent away.

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California lawmakers OK new campaign rules for water board members

Lawmakers on Wednesday approved new campaign rules in response to a controversy involving the political activities of suspended Sen. Ronald S. Calderon and his brother, former Assemblyman Tom Calderon, both Democrats from Montebello.


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Child's detention despite citizenship reveals immigration case woes