What to know about the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, which is in its third day:

The party's deep fractures were on display Wednesday tonight: Among other incidents, Ted Cruz told delegates to "vote your conscience" and Scott Walker barely mentioned Trump's name.

Tales from the streets outside the GOP convention, where thousands have been holding their own debate over America’s future.

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Amid Make America Work Again refrain, a look at U.S. job growth under the last five presidents

Donald Trump often boasts that he would be the "greatest jobs" president ever elected -- an idea that's been echoed throughout the Republican National Convention. 

The past 35 years has seen swings in job growth. Republican presidents, starting with Ronald Reagan, saw multiple periods of job losses. But the largest single-month gain also appeared during Reagan’s term, with more than a thousand jobs added in September of 1983. 

The largest decline started during Great Recession in the final years of George W. Bush and carried into the first term of President Barack Obama. 

Bill Clinton was the only president to have near-perfect period of growth with only minor losses.

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