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Tonight's debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump was tense, with harsh exchanges and accusations. Trump made repeated complaints that he was being treated unfairly by moderators Martha Raddatz of ABC News and Anderson Cooper of CNN. The predictions of a high-stakes showdown were not wrong.

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Was Donald Trump shortchanged on debate time? The footage doesn't seem to support the claim

Donald Trump repeatedly complained Sunday that he was not being given fair time or treatment during the debate, but it's not at all clear whether he was shortchanged on minutes.

Shortly after the first question, Trump claimed that Hillary Clinton was being given the chance to respond more fully than him.

"She's allowed to do that and I'm not allowed to respond? Sounds fair," Trump said.

Moderator Martha Raddatz brushed aside the concern, and kept probing the question, which was about Trump's sexually aggressive comments from 2005.

A short time later, Trump complained the debate was "three-on-one," and at one moment he pointedly claimed that Clinton "just went about 25 seconds over her time."

"She did not," Raddatz said.

In fact, the video shows Clinton's comments ran almost exactly the two minutes allowed.

Team Trump was unconvinced.

“The moderators tonight were absolutely terrible," said Trump spokesman Jason Miller, adding they interrupted Trump more than Clinton. "It was three-on-one out there.” 

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