Fact-checking all three debates

Times staff writers are fact-checking the candidates as they square off on a debate stage. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump went head-to-head on Sept. 26. Tim Kaine and Mike Pence debated on Oct. 4.

Donald Trump warns that Syrian refugees represent 'a great Trojan horse' to the U.S.

In his calls for a shutdown on immigration from Muslim-majority countries, Donald Trump has tried to tap into voters’ fears on terrorism – and to draw a sharp

Donald Trump declines to say he'd accept the results of the election, but voter fraud almost never happens

An evaluation of claims of voter fraud and "rigged elections" in the presidential debate

Trump and Clinton clash over border security and U.S.-Mexico relations

This statement often receives the loudest applause at Donald Trump’s rallies. 

A list of the accusations of sexual misconduct that Trump dismisses as 'all fiction'

A fact check of the assertions made about Donald Trump's accusers in the presidential debate

National debt would skyrocket under Donald Trump, analysis shows

Independent studies show Donald Trump's plans would increase the debt faster than Hillary Clinton's.

Donald Trump's claim that Hillary Clinton wants 'open borders' doesn't hold up

It’s the foundation of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign: curbing illegal immigration and securing the border.

Donald Trump repeats false claim that neighbors saw 'bombs all over' before San Bernardino attack

Donald Trump claims San Bernardino neighbors saw "bombs piling up" and did nothing. But that's not true.

Did Donald Trump take advantage of the tax code?

Donald Trump’s murky finances and his refusal to make public his personal tax returns — breaking decades of tradition by presidential candidates — have dogged

Emails remain a political migraine for Hillary Clinton —  and Trump pounces on them in debate

Hillary Clinton has faced questions throughout the campaign about her use of a private email server.

What you need to know about the four women Donald Trump appeared with at a surprise pre-debate event

Less than two hours before tonight’s presidential debate, Donald Trump appeared alongside three women who have previously accused former President Bill Clinton

Healthcare costs under Obamacare are not 'going up by numbers that are astronomical,' as Trump says

Donald Trump has repeatedly claimed that the Affordable Care Act is a disaster, and did so again Sunday, noting that Americans’ monthly insurance premiums are

Why Pence's accusation about Clinton's plan to let in Syrian refugees is misleading

Mike Pence, asked during the vice presidential debate how he would deal with home-grown terrorists, quickly turned to a frequent talking point of his running

Did a Clinton advisor promote 'birtherism'? Emails show only that he pushed other stories on Obama and Kenya

Did longtime Clinton aide Sidney Blumenthal push "birther" rumors about Obama during the 2008 campaign? Evidence reviewed by The Times casts doubt on the story.

Hillary Clinton once called TPP the 'gold standard.' Here's why, and what she says about the trade deal now

Donald Trump has made opposition to multilateral trade deals like the North American Free Trade Agreement and the proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership a staple of

Stop-and-frisk's effect on crime is hotly debated. Its disproportionate impact on minorities is not

Stop-and-frisk's effect on crime is hotly debated. Its disproportionate impact on minorities is not.

Donald Trump just said Hillary Clinton only now is focusing on trade. That's not true.

Fact-checking claims on the economy during the presidential debate.

No, being audited does not prevent Donald Trump from releasing his tax returns

Donald Trump returned to a familiar excuse for not releasing his tax returns Monday night: He is under a “routine audit.”

Donald Trump did not put an end to the 'birther' controversy in 2011, despite his claims to the contrary

Donald Trump did not put an end to the 'birther' controversy in 2011, despite his claims to the contrary

Clinton and Trump, who disagree sharply on gun rights, seem to agree on 'no fly, no buy' restriction

One of the starkest differences on policy that exists between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump is on guns, specifically what limitations there should be on gun

Donald Trump insists he never backed the Iraq war. But did he?

A fact check of Clinton's and Trump's positions on the Iraq War