Celebrities' rides: something borrowed, something new

Motorcycles and celebrities go together like Super Bowl parties and hangovers.

The latest news to float across the TJ Internet transom:

• Custom builder Jesse James has a new bike, and it's based on an Airstream trailer. The AeroBike motorcycle-with-sidecar combo will make its public debut at the Legend of the Motorcycle concours in Half Moon Bay on May 3.

George Clooney has spent some time in the saddle of a sidecar bike as well. The 1918 Indian that Clooney rode in his upcoming film, "Leatherheads," was far from vintage, though. The bike was a replica, and the motor was electric to improve reliability and reduce noise for shooting dialogue.

Tom Cruise is adding another uber-exotic motorcycle to his collection. The world's first production unit of Ducati's over-the-top superbike, the $72,500 Desmosedici RR, has been delivered to Beverly Hills Ducati and is waiting for Cruise to speed off with it.

-- Susan Carpenter