Letters: Dodgers strike out on cable TV

Letters: Dodgers strike out on cable TV
John Hartung, formerly of ABC 7 in Los Angeles, will be the main studio anchor for the Dodgers' cable TV channel SportsNet LA. (Los Angeles Times)

Re "A skirmish over Dodgers channel," Business, Feb. 18

As a lifelong Dodgers fan who grew up spending countless summer nights at Dodger Stadium and even more evenings listening to the majestic voice of Vin Scully, I hope Southern California's satellite and cable carriers refuse to offer the new Dodgers channel operated by Time Warner Cable.

What Time Warner and the Dodgers are attempting to do — by broadcasting games only on their channel, with none available for free on over-the-air television — is blackmail.

There is absolutely no legitimate reason the Dodgers and the Lakers need to have their own channels.


My satellite bill is already too high. Someone has to take a stand.

Greg Nersesyan

North Hollywood

I am struck by the selfishness of the Dodgers and Time Warner.

They passed billions of dollars between themselves, and in the end, they left their most important fans out of the game: the children who dream of a future way above and beyond their daily lives. Watching a simple game can give a poor child an idea that can ignite an exciting new future.

A lot of baseball players come from poor families; they know what it's like to have their ambition come from watching a simple game that made them struggle to attain goals that seemed impossible.

Without any free broadcasts, we may be snuffing out the dreams of the next generation of great athletes. Can we afford this?

Baseball isn't just a game, it's part of the heart and soul of the American dream.

John Thomas Ellis

Kentfield, Calif.