Tom Lasorda, 85 years young, is still selling baseball, and Dodgers

We ask Lasorda what he would do if he were still the Dodgers' manager.

"I'd sleep like a baby," he says.

"Last year, when the Angels got [Albert] Pujols and that other guy, that left-handed pitcher [C.J. Wilson], I called up Mike [Scioscia] and asked him to put aside two World Series tickets for me. This year, both teams are gonna be good. This is the best chance we've had in a long time for one of those, whatcha call 'em . . . ?"

Freeway Series, we say.

"Yeah, one of those," he says.

At trophy-presentation time, Baffert's horse wins, naturally. Lasorda presents the hardware to his new best friend. HRTV's Kurt Hoover hands Lasorda the microphone with full knowledge he may never get it back. Lasorda is in full sales pitch in seconds. The Dodgers need fans and the game belongs to those fans, he says.

The fans love it, and him. There will be a handful calling for Dodgers tickets soon. He has blown his hot air and warmed their hearts. There is nobody better at it.

Departure is a slow waltz. No autograph is turned down. Baby No. 246 is kissed.

It is hard to see the fun end. We consider asking him what he thought of Dave Kingman's performance, but we resist.