Wake him when the Steve Alford era is over

When Ben Howland came to UCLA, he did so out of love for the school and Wooden. When he talked about "Coach," he oozed Wooden.

When Alford said, "Coach is always someone I could talk to," he was referring to Knight.

Knight never spoke very highly of Wooden and Wooden once said, "I wouldn't want anybody I love to play for Bob Knight."

But now UCLA has hired a Knight disciple to lead its basketball program, and I can only imagine how much Knight is smiling with delight.

And I'm surprised Bruins' fans have no problem with it.

At the very least if a UCLA coach lost to Harvard we would have been attending a news conference to announce his dismissal.

"Jim Harrick lost to Princeton, didn't he, and he won a national championship," Guerrero fired back.

"Harrick won a national championship, then lost to Princeton and that was the beginning of the end for him," I said.

"Oh," Guerrero said.

Alford, meanwhile, was talking like someone who has already enjoyed incredible success.

"We did things at New Mexico that had never been done before," Alford said.

"Like lose to Harvard," I said, and welcome to L.A.