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Dodgers want pitching, but not at cost of any of top three prospects

On the eve of baseball's trade deadline, Dodgers General Manager Ned Colletti said the team had no intention of dealing any of its top three prospects.

The Dodgers want pitching, but not at the cost of outfielder Joc Pederson, infielder Corey Seager or pitcher Julio Urias.

"We're not in the market to trade any of the three, period," Colletti said Wednesday. "There's been no player discussed that warrants two of the three."

That stance likely would prevent the Dodgers from trading for the elite starting pitchers most commonly discussed -- Jon Lester of the Boston Red Sox, David Price of the Tampa Bay Rays and Cole Hamels of the Philadelphia Phillies.

Colletti stopped short of saying he would not deal Matt Kemp, whose agent has suggested a trade would be welcome, but said: "No one's ever heard me say we're shopping Matt Kemp. That's all in another world."

Colletti declined to discuss the Dodgers' other veteran outfielders, Carl Crawford and Andre Ethier, whose agents have remained silent...

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Vin Scully will never understand how deeply he's touched us

Forget it, there’s nothing you can do. No amount of flattery, no barrels of cookies, no endless applause can get it done. Give up.

Vin Scully will never understand what he means to you.

He will not appreciate how he seems like part of your family. Like some rich combination of kindly grandfather, favorite neighbor and best friend.

“It’s probably from all the years,” Scully said. “Every time they’ve turned on the radio since 1958, here I was, jabbering away. After all those years, like an old pair of slippers, it would be strange I guess not to hear this voice.”

Maybe you think it’s false modesty, that there is just no way on Earth he could not understand how deeply he seems woven into our lives, that it’s much more than baseball or even being the soundtrack to our summer.

Yet after all these years – and his announcement Tuesday that he will return in 2015 means next season will make 66 years of Scully behind the microphone – he truly seems embarrassed by attention.

He walked into a...

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Dodgers option newly acquired Darwin Barney to triple-A

Apparently Darwin Barney really was acquired for insurance purposes.

Barney, who was somewhat conspicuously absent from Dodger Stadium Tuesday after the Dodgers swung the deal with the Cubs early Monday, has been optioned to triple-A Albuquerque.

The Dodgers completed their trade with the Cubs Wednesday by sending Chicago Class A right-hander Jonathan Martinez.

Manager Don Mattingly indicated Tuesday the Dodgers envisioned Barney, a 2012 Gold Glove winner at second base, being able to play third and short. Guess he’ll master his new utility role at Albuquerque.

That, of course, is also where utility man Chone Figgins is 18 games into his rehab for a strained quadriceps. Can never have too many veteran infielders in waiting.

Martinez, 20, was 7-5 with a 3.47 ERA in 19 starts for Great Lakes, the Dodgers’ lower level Class A team. It’s his fourth season with the Dodgers after signing as a free agent out of Venezuela, so it’s not like they surrendered some major prospect.


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Long, hard road for Scott Elbert gets more difficult when he's DFA'd

How do you not feel for Scott Elbert?

The Dodgers’ former No. 1 draft pick was designated for assignment Tuesday, unable to return this season after a third elbow operation.

He underwent Tommy John surgery June 7, 2013, and could not complete his comeback this season. With Elbert out of options and still working himself back, the Dodgers had little choice. They weren’t about to put him on their 25-man roster while he was so uncertain and they were chasing down a pennant.

There is little likelihood the left-hander will be claimed, so he could return to them and agree to a minor league assignment. Hopefully that is what happens.

But he could decide he’s battled back long enough. He’ll be 29 on Aug. 13 and has three young daughters. Maybe he just walks away and starts a new life.

Elbert tried a comeback last year following a pair of preseason arthroscopic elbow surgeries only five months apart. Then as he was nearing his return, the elbow went and he headed for Tommy John.

He made 15...

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Matt Kemp hits two home runs in Dodgers' 8-4 win over Braves

Maybe it wasn’t exactly a perfect night for the Dodgers, but it came as close to an ideal summer evening as they could reasonably imagine.

Beloved broadcaster Vin Scully announced he would return for another season, outfielder Matt Kemp hit his first two home runs in over a month, the Dodgers finally won four consecutive games and they extended their lead in the National League West to a season-high three games.

It all came via an 8-4 comeback victory over the Atlanta Braves on a muggy Tuesday night before a Dodger Stadium crowd of 49,630.

The Dodgers made the announcement Scully would return in 2015 for his 66th season in the middle of the second inning via their stadium video boards. The crowd stood, turned to the broadcast booth and gave Scully a standing ovation.

Moments after the announcement, Kemp hit his first home run, this one a two-run shot out to right off former Dodgers pitcher Aaron Harang. It was his first homer since June 25 (86 at-bats).

That gave the Dodgers and Josh...

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Vin Scully, after soul-searching, will be back for 66th Dodgers season

Best Dodgers news of the year came in the second inning Tuesday night via the stadium video boards.

Vin Scully will return next season.

Apparently the game still gives him goose bumps – or maybe he didn’t want to go out in a season when some 70% of the Los Angeles area can’t hear him broadcast the TV games – because the Hall of Fame broadcaster will return for an unprecedented 66th season.

The Dodgers made the announcement in what you might call a unique way. In the middle of the second on their video boards, they flashed “breaking news” and showed team broadcaster Alanna Rizzo at the microphone.

Rizzo said they were turning to a news conference that showed Justin Turner, Yasiel Puig and Hyun-Jin Ryu at the table inside the stadium media room. First, Ryu spoke in Korean and then Puig in Spanish, and then supposedly Turner translated into English the news that Scully was coming back.

Various players were seated in the media room and then charged the table in celebration, as the Dodger...

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All this Dodgers deadline trade talk is absolutely draining

Can it be Thursday, please? At 1 p.m. with deals done or not done? At some point do you stop caring and just want it over?

The nonwaiver trading deadline draws near, just not near enough.

This is the time of year when rumors fly, dip low and then go airborne again. And with blogs and websites and Twitter, it seems more amped up than ever. Particularly for the Dodgers. It’s information (or at least rumor) overload.

The Dodgers seem in on every whispered trade possibility. David Price or Jon Lester? Cole Hamels, John Lackey, Cliff Lee, Bartolo Colon or all of them?

Matt Kemp’s going. If not Carl Crawford or prospect Joc Pederson or Andre Ethier or Manny Mota or Ned Colletti’s favorite alligator boots.

The Dodgers get pulled into every scenario partly because they have money and partly because they are smart enough to listen. Throw in an overcrowded outfield and a team that –- hold onto your skivvies -– has the best record in the National League, and everything is possible.

Which is...

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Watch Clayton Kershaw hit Jimmy Kimmel in the face with a baseball

OK, so it wasn’t a regulation baseball. Some noses must be protected.

But Clayton Kershaw was on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” on Monday night where they tried to pull off the William Tell routine, albeit with Kershaw throwing rubber baseballs at an apple resting upon Kimmel’s head.

What could go wrong?

“It’s still going to hurt my head if you hit me in the face with it,” Kimmel said.

“No promises,” Kershaw said, prophetic and all.

A man can have only so much control while throwing lightweight rubber balls and wearing a sports coat.

“OK, do your best and try not to hit me in the face,” Kimmel said.

And where would the fun be in that?

Kimmel was wearing safety goggles, which turned out to be a very good idea since on Kershaw’s fourth throw he nailed him in the goggles, which at least jarred his head enough to knock off the apple.

“Well,” said Kimmel, “sometimes you knock it off the hard way.”

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Should an all-points bulletin be sent out for Andre Ethier?

Whither Andre Ethier?

You remember him. Tall, good-looking guy. Clutch hitter. Was leading the majors in almost every hitting category in 2010 before fracturing his right pinkie. A two-time All-Star. Signed to a five-year, $85-million contract in 2012.

Seen him lately?

I mean, besides on the Dodgers’ bench, which apparently is his new baseball abode.

The Dodgers played three key games in San Francisco over the weekend and started the same outfield every game. The one that had Carl Crawford in left, Yasiel Puig in center, Matt Kemp in right and Ethier getting all cozy on the pine.

“It feel like it has a more settled feel,” Manager Don Mattingly said.

Well, yeah, start any combo three consecutive days after the outfield carousel that’s been going on all season and it would naturally feel more settled.

And that’s without Scott Van Slyke, who Mattingly said will still start against left-handed pitchers, presumably for Crawford.

Which leaves Ethier where, exactly?

“To play all over,”...

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Rebuttal: Why Don Drysdale belongs in the Baseball Hall of Fame

What a thrill it was (for five seconds) to see Don Drysdale’s picture on the cover of Sunday’s sports section.

One of our own, a legendary Dodger, No. 53, was front-page news again.

It was a thrill until flipping over the fold — the old news “paper” term for the crease that separates the top and bottom half of the broad sheet — and jaw-dropping my way through the headline:


I was too incensed to care about the 93 others, although I would later.

Was this a joke? Don Drysdale? Big D was getting the Big Diss from his hometown newspaper?

The story should have come with a disclaimer: “The opinions expressed here are the views of the author (Houston Mitchell) and do not reflect the views of, well, almost any Earthly other person."

Hey, I love lists as much as any other 50-something man who grew up in the era of phone booths and paper routes, but kicking Drysdale out of the Hall of Fame crosses my personal...

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Dodgers pick up Darwin Barney from Cubs, adding veteran infield depth

You just knew the Dodgers would make a move before the July 31 non-waiver trading deadline and here it is:

They’ve picked up second baseman Darwin Barney.

OK, so maybe that’s not the deal that clinches the pennant, but I suppose it can’t hurt. He had been designated for assignment last Tuesday by the Cubs and the Dodgers reached an agreement Monday with Chicago for a player to be named later. The Dodgers also received cash in the deal.

It’s a slightly curious move in that Barney is one of those slick fielding infielders who can’t hit, and they already have one of those in Miguel Rojas. And Rojas can play short, which Barney hasn’t seen since 2012, and then for only three games.

There’s no doubt he’s a great glove. Barney, 28, won a Gold Glove two years ago and is still considered perhaps the best-fielding second baseman in the National League.

Of course, he’s also hitting .230, which followed his .208 average last season. Since he hit .276 in his first full season in 2011, the...

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Dodgers have a weekend to remember, sweeping Giants with 4-3 win

Is this it?

Well, of course, it might be.

Are the Dodgers ready to play as advertised, to seize the division, to string together more than three consecutive wins, to play like a team with a record payroll?

Hey, it just could be happening.

The Dodgers completed their most impressive series of the season Sunday, edging the Giants, 4-3, to sweep the three-game series at AT&T Park.

They came to San Francisco trailing the Giants by 1½ games and left with a 1½-game lead in the National League West.

It wasn’t just the winning, however, but the way they did it. They won the first two games with Zack Greinke and Clayton Kershaw throwing only scoreless innings in easy victories.

They won the only tight game of the series Sunday with Hyun-Jin Ryu pitching well enough and the Giants helping the L.A. cause, mostly via their two new players, second baseman Dan Uggla and starting pitcher Jake Peavy.

The Dodgers have flirted at other times this season with being that much-ballyhooed team, only to...

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