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Could Andrew Friedman bring David Price to Dodgers?

Like rumors? OK, this isn’t really a rumor. More just speculation. Actually more like thinking out loud.

Which will never stop a dutiful Dodgers blogger with using it for a post in late October that finds the Boys in Blue in front of their TV screens like the rest of us.

This comes courtesy of the Detroit News’ Tony Paul, who while trying to figure the five -- a number fashionable with sports editors at the moment -- directions the Tigers could head this off-season, came up with an interesting No. 1.

Trade David Price.

Paul lists two likely landing spots should the Tigers decide to move the former Cy Young winner, and coming in first was the Dodgers. (The Red Sox was the other).

That’s interesting for several reasons: 1) The Dodgers were one of the teams involved in trade talks with the Tampa Rays for Price before he was ultimately dealt at the trading deadline to the Tigers; 2) the Rays general manager at the time was Andrew Friedman; and 3) last week Friedman was named the Dodgers’...

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In apocalyptic postseason, everyone in L.A. becomes fan of Royals

Wow, look at all those Royals fans suddenly everywhere in Los Angeles. In the words of the great Vizzini, “Inconceivable!”

It’s almost like they have something against the other team playing in the World Series. For those under 26 who don’t get past the lovely confines of the Los Angeles area much, that’s a baseball championship they play every year. Tommy Lasorda’s “Fall Classic,” just very much minus Tommy Lasorda.

Beginning Tuesday in Kansas City, it will match the Royals against – come on, be brave – the San Francisco Giants. You know, the creepy Rob Lowe.

(Will pause here for appropriate boos and jeers.)

They have just over 2 million people in the entire Kansas City metropolitan area, so imagine how excited they must be to be picking up an additional 18 million fans way out here on the West Coast. We already have lots of blue clothing and everything.

If you’re a Dodgers fan, the only thing more loathsome in the entire universe than the Giants is, naturally, their fans.

Yet, as...

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Dodgers' Andrew Friedman tap dances around tough questions

The new guy showed up Friday and he came across pretty much as expected -- bright, embracing numbers, likable, all humble, and about as forthcoming as J.D. Salinger.

This is what we learned at Andrew Friedman’s introductory news conference as the Dodgers' new president of baseball operations -- he is going to hire a general manager and Don Mattingly will “definitely” be his field manager next season.

Otherwise, hope you really, really like the words “process” and “collaboration” because he seemed to utter them every other sentence.

But as far as specifics about his GM or new farm director or how he will handle the crowded outfield situation or making a qualifying offer to shortstop Hanley Ramirez or most anything else, forget it. He had nothing.

He’s a youthful-looking 37. Could have walked into the news conference wearing a backpack and worried he was late for Statistics 303. Seems polite, confident, very careful. Not the socially awkward type like the Dodgers' last sabermetics guy,...

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Andrew Friedman: Don Mattingly definitely returning as Dodgers manager

Don Mattingly will manage the Dodgers next season, the new president of baseball operations said Friday.

“Definitely,” Andrew Friedman said at his introductory news conference at Dodger Stadium.

Friedman said he had already spoken to Mattingly twice.

“We’re very aligned on a lot of things philosophically and have thoroughly enjoyed those conversations,” he said. “We’re going to get together next week and I’ll look forward to building that relationship.”

Still, as long Joe Maddon doesn’t have a new contract with the Tampa Bay Rays, there will be speculation that Friedman will hire his longtime manager once Maddon's current deal expires at the end of next season.

“I have a tremendous personal relationship with Joe. He’s a friend of mine. We have a really good professional relationship as well," Friedman said.

"That being said, Joe is now working with [Rays President] Matt Silverman and baseball operations people there and I’m excited about working with Donnie. I’m going into it with the...

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It's OK to remain skeptical over the Dodgers hiring Andrew Friedman

Not to be a Billy Buzzkill, but am I the only one out there who remains unconvinced the Dodgers just nabbed the greatest general manager since Branch Rickey?

This isn’t intended as a knock on Andrew Friedman. He absolutely deserves the benefit of the doubt, but one can still believe there’s room for a reasonable amount of skepticism.

Yet the national and local media have been doing cartwheels in such unison since the hiring was announced, you’d think they were trying out for the U.S. rhythmic gymnastics team. Half expect him to walk into Friday’s news conference as rose petals are tossed at his feet.

Certainly he did a wonderful job in small-market, small-budget Tampa Bay. He was inventive and bright and all those things we keep hearing about. Bully for him.

It’s just that you have to wonder how much of that acumen translates to big-market, big-budget Los Angeles.

The Dodgers are on the opposite end of the baseball world from the Rays. They have the biggest payroll in the majors and...

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The absolutely perfect candidate for Dodgers general manager

Dear Andrew Friedman:

So we finally know when the Dodgers will have that introductory press conference to announce you as their new not-a-general manager, and I guess that’s progress.

Friday at 11 a.m., team President and CEO Stan Kasten will formally introduce their new wunderkind – you! -- as the new president of baseball operations. Don’t be upset if the only ones in the room applauding are wearing SportsNet LA polo shirts.

Now I just think this would be the perfect time to demonstrate what a bold little mover and shaker you really are by immediately announcing your new GM – me.

I know, it’s just so obvious. Just on the bizarre chance it’s not, however, allow me to offer a few reasons for this expert hire:

-- L.A. roots: Look, you grew up in Texas, went to college in Louisiana and spent the last nine years working in Florida. You may not know Randy Newman from Randy Jackson, let alone the 405 from the 605.

I was born, raised, educated, laid off (Col. Sander’s Kentucky Roast Beef,...

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