Commissioner, Dodgers in early talks about an All-Star Game in L.A.

Rob Manfred, Dodgers start 'preliminary' talks about a possible All-Star game at Dodger Stadium

They’re talking about bringing the All-Star Game back to Dodger Stadium, which is something, though it’s hard to know how excited to get over the possibility.

At first blush, with the next three games all scheduled in National League parks, it doesn’t sound promising that the Dodgers could host the game in 2018.

But new Commissioner Rob Manfred stopped by Monday to talk to the Dodgers and afterward told the media that discussions about the possibility had at least been initiated.

“I’ve had some preliminary conversations with Stan Kasten about an All-Star Game in L.A.,” Manfred said. “I’m aware of what the facts are in terms of how long it’s been since we’ve had a game there. And obviously a market like L.A., you can’t ask for a better showcase for the game. So more to follow on that one.”

The Dodgers haven’t hosted an All-Star Game since 1980. The game was played at Angels Stadium in 2010.

Last year’s game was played in Minneapolis, but the next three are all scheduled in N.L. parks – Cincinnati, San Diego and Miami. Another N.L. team – Kasten’s old Nationals – is also interested in hosting a game. That could make even a 2019 bid a long shot.

“We’re working on the bidding process,” Manfred said. “We’d like to be in a situation – I think we are in a situation – where we have multiple teams interested in having All-Star Games. And we think we can put a process together that ensures that we get the city that would be the best host for the game.”

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