MLB promo: 'Clayton Kershaw doesn't just pitch, he makes history'

Clayton Kershaw is the centerpiece of new video promo in MLB's 'For the Love of Baseball' campaign

It turns out it wasn’t just the Dodgers eagerly waiting for the return of Clayton Kershaw. So was Major League Baseball.

One day after Kershaw came off the disabled list to make his first start since the March 22 season opener in Australia, MLB released a video spot championing his accomplishments.

Kershaw is the centerpiece of a new video promo that is part of MLB’s “For the Love of Baseball” campaign.

This spot shows some of the greatest left-handed pitchers in baseball history – including Sandy Koufax, Warren Spahn, Steve Carlton, Randy Johnson, Whitey Ford and Fernando Valenzuela – on the mound interspersed with images of Kershaw.

The voiceover says: “In the history of baseball, no left-handed pitcher under 26 years old has ever won the Cy Young award twice – until now.

“Clayton Kershaw doesn’t just pitch, he makes history.”

The spots are appearing on the MLB network and are scheduled to air on ESPN, Fox, TBS and MTV. Others appearing in MLB spots include Angel Mike Trout, Pirate Andrew McCutchen and National Bryce Harper.

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