Boys' basketball: Crespi players are taking a break under coach's orders

Eric Sondheimer
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If defending state Division IV champion Crespi loses some basketball games this month to inferior opponents, Celt fans shouldn't panic.

Coach Russell White has ordered four of his top players _ De'Anthony Melton, Brandon Williams, Taj Regans and Mitch Mykhaylov _ to take the month off. In other words, take a real break from basketball.

It's tough for the players to sit on the bench and not be able to help their teammates. But there's a reason for White's strategy.

Using a lesson learned from teaching economics, White said, "The law of diminishing returns" means constant playing isn't going to lead to more success.

"We played until late March," he said. "Then those guys immediately started club ball."

They haven't taken a break from competitive basketball since September.

It was still strange seeing Melton working as a scorekeeper earlier this week at a summer game instead of playing.

"Watching us lose isn't the best feeling but coach has explained it to me," he said. "I understand what he's saying."

Teams are supposed to take a three-week dead period during the summer but players don't necessarily take time off. They go to camps or play with travel teams.

What White is doing should help keep his players refreshed for the long grind ahead.




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