Crespi to host "Scott Muckey Day"

Eric Sondheimer
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In honor of its former baseball coach, Scott Muckey, Crespi is holding a "Scott Muckey Day"  Friday at the Encino campus.

Muckey, who was Crespi's baseball coach for 28 seasons until he stepped down last year, died on Saturday morning. He was 63. He had been dealing with cancer and the school wants to show its appreciation, celebrate his life and offer support for his contributions through the years.

"We will incorporate all of Scott Muckey into our day at school," Athletic Director Russell White wrote in an email.

Among the Muckey activities:

Doritos and Dr. Pepper for everyone at school (his lunch of choice).

Over the line games going on during an extended lunch period.

A drum-off during the extended lunch (he loved playing the drums).

Teachers and students will be allowed to wear baseball jerseys, hats, and or straw hats (his hat of choice during school hours).

Classic rock over the loud speaker in between classes.

There will be a memorial service at 1 p.m. in the gym.

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