Football: Cal's Jeffrey Coprich returns to speak at elementary school

Eric Sondheimer
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Former West Ranch running back Jeffrey Coprich, a native of Watts, is returning to Southern California on Friday to speak at the 116th Street Elementary School, where his late sister used to attend.

Coprich, who plays for California, will speak in the Essence K. Coprich Library, named after his sister who was killed at the age of 7 in a 1996 car accident that Jeffrey survived.

Coprich founded the Jeffrey Coprich Book Club to provide reading materials for students at schools.

“Often times children are not validated enough and feel isolated because no one may listen to them or hear about their dreams or aspirations,” Coprich said in a statement. “When I talk to kids I want them to know that they matter, that each one has a unique and special gift inside of them that can be used for the betterment of humanity.

  “When children receive positive attention from adults they feel valued, visible and like they are worth something to someone,” Coprich added. “This increases their self-esteem in a way that no amount of money can purchase. When a child’s self-esteem increases they feel better about themselves and learn the value of their existence in the world.”





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