2007-10-23 13:16:13.0 Kyle: Cook is the poor man's Antoine Walker, if such a thing exists

2007-10-23 13:16:15.0 exhelodrvr: How about for a club sandwich?

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2007-10-23 13:16:41.0 kazsim: Sounds good

2007-10-23 13:16:58.0 exhelodrvr: Because with the second round pick, then all you have to do is grab a Tony Parker that everyone else has missed.

2007-10-23 13:17:03.0 eagleboy: If Cook is a poormans Walker he must be homeless

2007-10-23 13:17:09.0 wesjoenixon: My lord AK/BK how can you keep up w/ all these questions?

2007-10-23 13:17:16.0 kazsim: Wade will arrive in some type of cast or sling and show us how to hurt oneself

2007-10-23 13:17:22.0 Andrew Kamenetzky: Kyle - There are some who consider Cook to be a rich to adequately financed man's Vlad. Which is actually kinda ironic. haha

2007-10-23 13:17:24.0 Kyle: i didn't say it wasn't tragic

2007-10-23 13:17:33.0 Brian Kamenetzky: Gunner- Well, Wade isn't coming. I don't think he'll leave Miami when he becomes a FA. As far as leadership goes, he's imperfect, but not terrible. Last season he did a nice job in that facilitator role before everyone got hurt. Obviously the context has changed and not for the better, but I'm not entirely sure I accept the wording of your questions.

2007-10-23 13:17:35.0 Brian Kamenetzky: Question, I should say.

2007-10-23 13:17:56.0 Andrew Kamenetzky: Hey Sonny.

2007-10-23 13:18:10.0 Andrew Kamenetzky: Ex, and all who just arrived as well

2007-10-23 13:18:26.0 sonnybelfast: hey AK

2007-10-23 13:18:29.0 Administrator2: Hi folks, if you've submitted a question and haven't seen it appear in the chat room yet, don't worry: just trying to send 'em out one at a time so Andrew and Brian have time to type.

2007-10-23 13:18:41.0 Brian Kamenetzky: and get a latte.

2007-10-23 13:18:47.0 wesjoenixon: AK/BK any new tag-team literature coming up soon?

2007-10-23 13:18:59.0 sonnybelfast: Gotta run soon, but I wanted to check it out.

2007-10-23 13:19:06.0 kazsim: NOt a question but a statement..I live in Washington, I moved from L.A. 4 years ago. The Blog is the only way that I get info. Thank AK and BK!

2007-10-23 13:19:22.0 Brian Kamenetzky: wes- Thanks for teh opportunity to plug something big... but I'm afraid not. Althought there is always the SportsHub.