Poll: Do you agree with the decision not to suspend Josh Hamilton?

Josh Hamilton will not be suspended for his substance-abuse relapse after an arbitrator determined his conduct did not violate Major League Baseball’s drug-treatment plan.

We already know how one person feels about the decision, as Commissioner Rob Manfred's position was made quite clear in a statement from MLB on Friday morning.

“The Office of the Commissioner disagrees with the decision and will seek to address deficiencies in the manner in which drugs of abuse are addressed under the program in the collective bargaining process,” the statement read.

Hamilton is known to have failed at least six drug tests as a Tampa Bay Rays minor leaguer more than a decade ago, and he was suspended from the game from 2004 through 2006.

Hamilton apparently had self-reported his use of cocaine and alcohol to MLB earlier this year. This is Hamilton’s third known relapse as a major leaguer. It is unclear how many of his past transgressions were considered violations of the major league joint drug agreement, but he has not failed a drug test since being reinstated.

Suspensions for players who fail to fulfill terms of a drug-treatment program range from 15 to 25 games for an initial violation, 25 to 50 games for a second violation, 50 to 75 games for a third violation, at least one year for a fourth violation and the commissioner’s discretion for any subsequent violations.

Do you think Hamilton should have been suspended for his most recent transgression?

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