World Cup: Luis Suarez bite proves profitable for European gamblers

More than 150 in Europe put down money that Uruguay's Luis Suarez would bite someone during the World Cup

Was Luis Suarez going to sink his teeth into an opponent at some point during the World Cup? You could bet on it.

No, really, you could put money down on that the Uruguan striker with a history of biting opposing players would do it again this year in Brazil.

And those 150-plus people across Europe who actually placed such a bet are cashing in after Suarez appeared to have chomped down on defender Giorgio Chiellini's shoulder Tuesday during Uruguay's 1-0 victory over Italy.

“This is probably the sickest bet I have made, not to mention the sickest bet I have won,” one winner, Thomas Syversen, told the Norwegian Dagbladet.

Bettors received 175 times the amount they put down. According to the Betsson group, the biggest winner was a punter from Norway who came away with $2,700.

FIFA is investigating the incident and could suspend Suarez, who was banned from 10 games for biting in 2013 and seven games in 2010.

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