Kobe Bryant to lead panel on kids and sports with Bill Clinton

Kobe Bryant to lead panel on kids and sports with Bill Clinton
Lakers star Kobe Bryant calls out a play during the first half of Monday's game against the Atlanta Hawks. (Kevin C. Cox / Getty Images)

Kobe Bryant will join former President Clinton on Jan. 13, leading a panel on kids and sports in La Quinta.

According to the Associated Press, Bryant will be part of a roundtable discussion at the Clinton Health Matters Initiative Conference.

"There's so much to be gained, so much from health and fitness," Bryant said. "It's really an important initiative for kids to understand that you're not just getting the benefits of being healthy, you're also understanding how to be great leaders, how to be unselfish, how to work within a group, competitive spirit."

Topics at the conference will include "barriers to access, coaching quality and safety."

Highlights from the discussion will air on ESPN2 on Feb. 9.

Bryant hasn't revealed what career path he'll take after basketball, but he has vowed not to coach professionally -- though he is open to the idea of coaching children.

The Lakers All-Star guard annually hosts the Kobe Basketball Academy each summer for kids between 8 and 18.


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