Lakers' Week 12 in review

Lakers' Week 12 in review
Kobe Bryant guards Cleveland star LeBron James during a Jan. 15 game at Staples Center. (Rick Loomis / Los Angeles Times)

The Lakers finished Week 12 with four straight losses, dropping games to the Miami Heat, Cleveland Cavaliers and Utah Jazz.

The team closed out Week 11 with a loss at home to the Portland Trail Blazers.

The Heat visited Staples Center on Tuesday, and the Lakers fell, 78-75. Kobe Bryant returned to the court after sitting out three of the team's previous four games.

Coach Byron Scott, Bryant and the team have tried to find a way to "preserve" Bryant's health through the remainder of his contract.

The notion of shutting down Bryant isn't currently on the table, but could be before the end of season, assuming the Lakers are out of playoff contention.

Aren't they already out of playoff contention?  The Lakers were given 5/7 odds to finish with a bottom-five overall record.

Bryant admitted that retirement had "crossed my mind."

Meanwhile, though Jordan Hill and Ronnie Price were iffy for Thursday, they were able to play despite minor injuries.

Bryant gave one of his best performances of the season on Thursday, but the Lakers still fell to the Cavaliers, 109-102.

LeBron James, who has the NBA's top-selling jersey, was too much for the Lakers to handle.

James, who recently sat with back and knee injuries, noted he's gaining perspective on aging from Bryant.

Nick Young has struggled for most of 2015 to live up to his swagger.


Bryant sat out on Friday night in Utah against the Jazz, as did Price, and the Lakers fell, 94-85 -- a victory in terms of the 2015 NBA draft.

Jeremy Lin, who started for Price, is running out of time to make a good impression.

At the midway point of the season, the Lakers are more about losing than winning.

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