Lakers' Wesley Johnson enters frustrating part of his life -- again

Lakers small forward Wesley Johnson expects to hit the free-agent market again this summer

Another summer, another unsettling time for Wesley Johnson.

He'll be a free agent in July, yet again, three years in a row for him.

"I would love a multi-year deal," he said Thursday, but would anybody give it to him?

The Lakers handed Johnson one-year deals the last two summers for the league minimum. He hadn't shown enough consistency to warrant anything else.

The fourth pick in the 2010 draft acknowledged it was a frustrating cycle. He said he wanted to return to the Lakers after averaging a career-best 9.9 points on the worst team in franchise history (21-61).

"Definitely things haven't gone like anybody wanted it to," he said. "But I definitely don't want to leave."

He sounded nothing like Carlos Boozer, who claimed earlier Thursday he wanted to come back to the Lakers but only if "we had a team that could compete."

Said Johnson: "I like the fight. I would want it to be a playoff team, really trying to get it to that. I'm not shying away from it."

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