Q&A with Dave Pelz

Question: Why did you quit your job as a NASA scientist to become a golf instructor?

Answer: I realized I'm a golf nut who loves physics rather than a physicist who loves golf.

Q: Why do you focus exclusively on the short game?

A: All I'm doing is fishing where the fish are.

Q: What is your star pupil Phil Mickelson really like?

A: He's a class act. It's unbelievably enjoyable to work with him.

Q: What's your secret to helping Mickelson prepare for the Masters?

A: It's so hard to chip because the greens are so fast. You have to hit the ball perfectly in the right spot. We've got notes from the last three years.

Q: Have you ever played Augusta National?

A: Once. I'm standing on the first tee and notice there are no wedges and no putter in my bag. I played the whole day putting with a driver.

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