Steelers fans advertise special foam fingers for Johnny Manziel's arrival

After Johnny Manziel flips off the Redskins sideline, Steelers fans advertise special foam hand for the QB

Don't be surprised to see oversize, yellow foam fingers flipping the bird on TV when the Cleveland Browns go to Pittsburgh for their regular-season opener in a few weeks.

After Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel was caught on TV making the middle-finger gesture toward the Washington Redskins' sideline during a Monday exhibition game, innovative Steelers fans began to advertise on Twitter their own “fingers” for Johnny Football.


FOR THE RECORD: A previous version of this post stated that the foam fingers had been produced and were for sale. However, advertising for the fingers was done as a parody. It is unclear if they have since been put into production.


With all the makings of a normal foam finger, except for one digit, the prop says “Welcome to Pittsburgh, Johnny.”

Now, before you get out your credit card, note the fingers are not actually for sale, but don't be surprised if you do see some on game day. 

After Monday’s game, Manziel said he regretted making the gesture.

Cleveland has yet to announce if Manziel or Brian Hoyer will be the starter for the Aug. 7 match in Pittsburgh.

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