Alex Rodriguez's notebook contains some rather interesting stuff

Alex Rodriguez had a rather interesting way of preparing for his debut as a color commentator for a Major League Baseball broadcast on FS1 on Thursday night.

MLB on Fox tweeted out a photo of A-Rod in the booth at Kauffman Stadium before the New York Yankees-Kansas City Royals game, accompanied by the caption, “Getting ready for his debut in the broadcast booth!”

In the photo, Rodriguez can be seen poring over a notebook — an image that would seem to go well with the caption.

But some Twitter users zoomed in and found some pretty interesting notes on one of those pages.

Yes, you’re reading that correctly. There is a header that says, “Child:,” followed by the bullet points, “Birth control,” “Baby” and “Pull out stuff.”

Who knows what it all means. Maybe the former slugger was just brainstorming topics to bring up on air.

Needless to say, the original tweet was quickly deleted.

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