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Columbus cops use pepper spray on Ohio State students celebrating win

Columbus authorities, including SWAT members, pepper-sprayed students on the Ohio State University campus after a massive group of people became unruly and would not follow commands while celebrating the Buckeyes' national championship victory over the Oregon Ducks.

According to reports from the scene and video posted to social media, students climbed the walls of the football stadium and attempted to remove the goal posts.

Students were ordered to disperse from some areas after they became unruly and were blocking traffic, according to reports. Police said students were throwing beer bottles at police and that "almost all officers" were responding to the campus incidents.

Videos were also posted to social media.

Campus right now! #OSU #2015NationalChampions

A video posted by Faris Ahmed (@faris694) on

Shortly before the pepper spray shower. #PepperSprayIsDelicious #GoBucks #ImTooOldForThis #BrBGonnaFlipACar

A video posted by Justin Henderson (@jhen3443) on

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For the record: An earlier caption with the photo at the top of this post said Kosta Karageorge was celebrating Ohio State's victory. The photo is of Michael Bennett, who wears Karageorge's No. 53 as a tribute to his teammate, who was found dead Dec. 6 from an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound.

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