Dana White: Ronda Rousey would easily beat Laila Ali

UFC President Dana White says Laila Ali 'would be in big trouble' if she fought Ronda Rousey

It seems UFC women's champion Ronda Rousey has no shortage of challengers these days -- even a Houston Texans cheerleader wants to fight her.

Of course, the most hyped of these "serious" challenges came this month when former boxer Laila Ali, the daughter of boxing great Muhammad Ali, said "no woman could beat me" when talking about a theoretical fight against Rousey.

Laila Ali later clarified her comments in a post to Twitter: "I'm retired and not interested in fighting anyone. When asked questions, I just answer them honestly."

If Ali is willing to change her mind, UFC President Dana White said he'd be happy to make it happen. 

"Laila, if you're serious, call me," White told TMZ while smiling.

Still, White doesn't think Ali would fare well in a fight against Rousey.

“[Rousey is] actually the best fighter in the world,” he said. "Laila Ali would be in big trouble against Ronda Rousey. Laila if you’re serious, call me. If she wants it, she’ll get it.

"No disrespect to Laila, but she would be in the 14-second range," White added.


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