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Emilio Estevez channels his inner Gordon Bombay in Ducks' Game 5 win

It has been a while since Emilio Estevez made his on-screen youth coaching debut with a rag-tag group of Minnesota hockey players, but that hasn't stopped him from cheering mightily for a franchise that is reminded every so often of its Hollywood inspiration.

Estevez rediscovered his inner Gordon Bombay during the Ducks' Game 5 overtime victory over the Chicago Blackhawks on Monday, bombarding Twitter with a knucklepuck full of "The Mighty Ducks" movie references.

Estevez played Bombay, the jilted-turned-inspirited coach, in the 1992 Disney film "The Mighty Ducks" -- a role he would go on to reprise throughout the Ducks trilogy. The original movie served as a precursor for Disney's foray into the NHL, which culminated with the team making its debut at the start of the 1993-94 season.

Because of his starring role in the movies, Estevez has always been a Ducks fan (he was at the Pond when the puck dropped against the Detroit Red Wings on Oct. 8, 1993), but his fandom was reinforced via his Twitter feed Monday night:

Based on his tweets, you'd think the Ducks were playing an evil youth team from Iceland or something.

Of course, Estevez saved his biggest dig against the Blackhawks until after the game. For the sake of decency, we've decided to forego posting this Bombay proverb that sounds more like Charlie Sheen than Estevez.

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