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Ha Ha Clinton-Dix: That's not a joint in Twitter photo ... honest

Ha Ha Clinton-Dix had reason to celebrate Thursday night after being selected by the Green Bay Packers in the first round of the NFL draft.

But a photo the former Alabama defensive back tweeted out hours before his name was called at Radio City Music Hall led some people to think the party might have started a bit early.

Check out Clinton-Dix's tweet.

Folks were quick to point out that the little, white object on the seat next to Clinton-Dix looks an awful lot like a marijuana cigarette.

Several hours later Clinton-Dix noticed all the fuss and decided to clear up the matter.

The Packers seemed to take his word for it and chose Clinton-Dix with the 21st overall pick.

So to all those who thought Clinton-Dix had sabotaged his own draft status, there's only one thing to say: Ha Ha.


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