LeSean McCoy doesn't get why reporters keep asking about Chip Kelly

LeSean McCoy doesn't get why reporters keep asking about Chip Kelly
Bills running back LeSean McCoy, left, is tired of hearing about Eagles Coach Chip Kelly. (Gary Wiepert / Associated Press; Matt Slocum / Associated Press)

LeSean McCoy seems to want to put his controversial comments about Chip Kelly behind him.

That's what the Buffalo Bills running back tried to do Wednesday while talking to reporters for the first time since suggesting to ESPN the Magazine that race might have been a factor in certain personnel moves made by the Philadelphia Eagles coach, like trading McCoy to the Bills this off-season.

But even though McCoy said he wants to move on, he didn't go about it in quite the right way. Naturally, the first question Wednesday was about those Kelly comments. McCoy could have used the opportunity to apologize or clarify his remarks before moving on.

But he didn't. Instead, he tried to skip ahead to the moving on part.


"I have nothing to say about that," McCoy said. "I'm in Buffalo. Everything in Philadelphia is over. I have nothing more to say really about it. So it is what it is. Everybody can make their own thoughts and assumptions about it, but I'm done talking about it."

Of course, that didn't work.

"Did you just hear what I just said? So why did you ... I just told you I'm not talking no more about Chip Kelly or the Eagles," McCoy said. "So I'm done with that. You can ask me about the Bills. They looked good. A lot of players stepping up. The quarterbacks look wonderful. Myself, I'm playing well, along with the guys in the backfield. I'm trying to get this team going here. I have nothing else to say about Chip or the Eagles, all right?"

It was not all right with the reporters. McCoy was asked to elaborate on what he meant when he suggested earlier this spring that Kelly didn't want to be overshadowed by "all the good black players."

"For what?" McCoy asked. "I don't need to explain myself to nobody. No, I don't. I said what I said. It's how I felt at the time and I'm done with that."

But the reporters weren't done with it.

"Yo, are you all listening to me?" McCoy said. "Can I say it any other way? I'm not talking about Chip Kelly or no Eagles. I'm going to be done with this interview if nobody has anything else to say about the Bills."

Finally, McCoy got his wish and the talk turned to his current team, although some slick reporters slipped a couple more Kelly-related questions in there. One was about if he thought the comments were a distraction to his current team (he doesn't). Another was if he respects Kelly as a coach (he does).

Another was if he regrets what he said about Kelly.

"I never regret nothing I say," McCoy said. "Never. Nothing I do. Never regret it."

Something tells me this isn't going to be the last McCoy hears of those comments.