Seahawks' Pete Carroll on Marshawn Lynch: 'He's being true to himself'

Seattle Seahawks Coach Pete Carroll says running back Marshawn Lynch is 'being true to himself'

Everybody is making a big deal out of Marshawn Lynch not wanting to talk to reporters, but Seattle Seahawks Coach Pete Carroll doesn't have a problem with his hardly quotable running back.

Carroll defended Lynch during a news conference Wednesday, saying people need to accept his Skittles-loving, touchdown-romping star for who he is.

"You are seeing a guy being himself, not what everybody wants him to be," Carroll said. "He's being true to himself."

Lynch made his mandatory appearance during Super Bowl Media Day on Tuesday, telling the media gathered around him, "I'm here so I won't get fined," 29 times. He said it while wearing a hat from his "Beast Mode" line of clothing -- a fashion accessory that doesn't fall within the NFL's strict rules regarding sponsorship at league events.

As for Lynch, he came back with a new one-line zinger during his compulsory media appearance Wednesday: "You know why I'm here."

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