NCAA final: Refs didn't see angle viewers saw on out-of-bounds call

Hey, did you catch the super slo-mo, closeup replay of a key out-of-bounds call on Wisconsin's Bronson Koenig late in the NCAA championship game Monday night?

You probably did, since CBS showed it many times. But just in case you missed it, I've got it right here for you:

There! Now everyone has seen the camera angle that pretty conclusively shows that Duke's Justise Winslow, not Koenig, was the last to touch the ball before it went out of bounds.

Well, everyone, that is, except the officials who reviewed the play and eventually determined that Duke should get possession of the ball. NCAA head of officials John Adams said so Tuesday morning on Sirius XM College Sports Nation.

That call gave Duke the ball with a five-point lead and 18 seconds remaining. Had it gone the other way, Wisconsin would have had possession on its own end and a little bit of life left.

Instead, the Badgers were forced to start fouling, missed a couple of desperation shots and then had to watch the Blue Devils celebrate a 68-65 victory.

Not saying the end result would have been any different, but it would be nice if the officials could have somehow gotten their hands on the video that even I managed to find in order to make such a key call.

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