New England Patriots owner to NFL: I expect apology over Deflategate

New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft says he expects NFL apology after Deflategate investigation

The owner of the New England Patriots said Monday that he expects an apology from the NFL after it concludes its investigation into Deflategate. 

Robert Kraft said he is positive that his team -- especially Coach Bill Belichick and star quarterback Tom Brady -- will be cleared of any wrongdoing. The scandal arose when it was discovered that 11 of the 12 footballs provided by the Patriots for the AFC championship game against the Indianapolis Colts became underinflated. 

Underinflated footballs are easier to throw and secure in slick weather conditions. 

Kraft, like Belichick, was adamant that weather was probably what deflated the footballs, and that the NFL's investigation would probably prove that theory. Once the investigation has concluded, Kraft said, he expects the NFL to come forward, hat in hand. 

"I would expect and hope that the league would apologize to our team and, in particular, Coach Belichick and Tom Brady, for what they have had to endure this past week," Kraft said. "I am disappointed in the way that this entire matter has been handled and reported upon." 

On Monday, Fox Sports reported that the NFL is now focusing its investigation on a Patriots locker room attendant. Fox Sports said sources told it that there is video showing the attendant taking footballs the Patriots provided before the AFC title game from the game officials' locker room and into another room at Gillette Stadium before bringing them to the field. 

Kraft emphasized that he believes "unconditionally" that neither Brady nor Belichick took any part in, or had any knowledge of, rules being broken.

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