Ex-Dolphin Rob Konrad swims 9 miles to shore after fall, Coast Guard says

Former Dolphin Rob Konrad falls off boat, swims for nine hours before reaching shore, according to reports

Former Miami Dolphins fullback Rob Konrad apparently fell off his boat off the South Florida coast but arrived safely on shore early Thursday morning after swimming at least nine hours and nine miles through the rough Atlantic Ocean waters, according to the Coast Guard.

Konrad was wearing only his underwear when he approached the driveway gate of 1800 S. Ocean Blvd. and told a Palm Beach police officer working a security shift about his incredible experience, a Palm Beach police report says.

The player who spent all six of his NFL seasons (1999-2004) with the Dolphins told the officer he tripped and fell overboard from his 36-foot boat around 1 p.m. the previous day.

According to the Coast Guard, Konrad's boat was on autopilot and he could not catch up with it, so he started swimming toward land.

Friends started to worry when he didn't meet them as planned for dinner. Eventually the Coast Guard sent out a helicopter to search for him.

Konrad was taken to a hospital to be treated for possible hypothermia. He left the hospital Friday morning, telling local reporters that he does not want to discuss the incident.

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